Can You Escape In One Hour?

What is Creepy Hollow Escape Rooms?

Creepy Hollow Escape Rooms is a unique experience in which you and a group of people (friends or complete strangers) strive to beat the clock to obtain freedom from your “puzzle.”  The door’s locked and you need the key.  You have one hour to pit your will and mind against puzzles, piece together clues and at the end, break out!  To provide a further challenge, you’re timed as well.  Challenge yourself to see if you have what it takes to complete the mission and have fun doing it!

Will I be in any real danger at any point?

No!  Of course not!  There will be a GM (Game Master) in every room with you to ensure nothing happens to you.  We do stress that this is a game, so use your common sense. Our Game Masters will watch over you but please don’t do anything irrational that we ourselves wouldn’t do.  We’re just like you.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope, all you need to bring is yourself.

Can I just walk in and play?

This game is reservations only. That makes sure there won’t be too many players within each session. Just remember not to wait until the last minute to reserve, spots are going fast.

Can I play on my own?

Of course, if you really want, though we stress the teamwork aspect as it’s rare that anyone find all the clues and solve all the puzzles on their own, especially within the time frame given.  Working together with your friends and/or strangers adds another element that we believe greatly increases the fun for everyone.  Oh, it also helps with solving the puzzles faster.

Are there team building or private party plans available?

We’ll gladly accommodate team building, corporate events and private parties.

How many puzzles are there in any given game?

That’s random and half the fun.  Puzzles will also be added or removed and created often.  We wouldn’t want you to be bored and actually leave feeling… unsatisfied and unchallenged.  So find us and join us often.

Is it hard?

That’s for you to find out.  As mentioned, we wouldn’t want you to leave feeling… unsatisfied.